Matthew Dear, Tegan and Sara Team Up on Tears For Fears Cover

As premiered on Stereogum earlier today, Matthew Dear has produced a synth-powered cover of the Tears For Fears single “Pale Shelter,” with Tegan and Sara lending their pop-leaning vocals to the proceedings. Not quite what we expected from someone who recently reverted back to his hard-techno alias Audion, but a welcome surprise nonetheless.

“Many of today’s artists have been greatly influenced by Tears For Fears,” Dear said, “and it was an honor to try and do the song justice. This cover also gave me the opportunity to work with Tegan and Sara from the start to finish of a song. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of crafting the music around their vocals, and working closely with them on the final mix and feeling of the song.”

“We have been heavily influenced by Tears For Fears’ impressive body of work,” added Sara Quin, “and it was an honor to create a new version of one of our favorite songs… Matthew had suggested we try a vocal riff off the top of the song, and I think it adds a nice signature and melody to the final track.”