Maxim Blasts the Black Crowes (On Principle)

THE BLACK CROWES: Scarier than ‘The Birds’

The Black Crowes have lashed out at Maxim for publishing a two-and-a-half star review of Warpaint, their first studio record in seven years. Not because they simply didn’t like it; because they only heard one song (“Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution”). According to a press release from the band’s reps, advance copies of the album haven’t been released, a fact Maxim itself has confirmed. And their defense for slamming their disc? The ‘review’ was an “educated guess preview.”

“Maxim’s actions seem to completely lack journalistic integrity and intentionally mislead their readership,” Black Crowes manager Pete Angelus said in a statement. “In an email correspondence, Maxim went on to state, ‘Of course, we always prefer to (sic) hearing music, but sometimes there are big albums that we don’t want to ignore that aren’t available to hear, which is what happened with the Crowes. It’s either an educated guess preview or no coverage at all, so in this case we chose the former.'”

Angelus added, “It speaks directly to the lack of the publication’s credibility. In my opinion, it’s a disgrace to the arts, journalism, critics, the publication itself and the public. What’s next–Maxim‘s concert reviews of shows they never attended, book reviews of books never read and film reviews of films never seen?”