Jack Milwaukee Unveils Latest M!R!M LP

'The Visionary' is due out through AVANT! Records this Friday 

Coming across like a more alien version of Choir Boy — only with more omnipresent melodies, and lusher synth lines — or a steel-plated Ulrich Schnauss (circa: A Strangely Isolated Place), Jack Milwaukee's M!R!M project sounds like synth-pop floating in amniotic fluid. Melancholic and moody, sure, but also hopeful, as expressed in the broad, and downright beautiful, brushstrokes of M!R!M's new album, The Visionary

“The record comes out of a lot of emotional turmoil caused by the loss of my best friend at the end of 2017," explains Milwaukee, "and wanting to create something that could pay tribute to her and our friendship. The Visionary is the manifesto of those who decided not to be afraid of being different despite other people’s judgment. Because being yourself is always the most important thing in any case.”

Check out Milwaukee's deeply personal AVANT! Records debut below — a few days before its official release — as well as his rather poetic track-by-track commentary....


This is the the beginning of the end.
We pretend not to see.
We dance through the pain with a perfect smile.
''Are you living or are you surviving?'' I am asking.
''It doesn't matter as long as we are doing it together,'' she answers. 


''What's your concept of death?'' (She)
''We are in a constant mutation. We don't disappear; we only change shape.
And even if we can't be seen, we can still be felt, don't you think?" (I)


I am wondering, 'Is this love a superstition?' (I)


Introspection, a moment of reflection.
''Is this crystal cave a safe place to stay or shall we run away?" (She)
"We are so fragile.'' (I)


Time has passed, quickly and inexorable.
''I miss those days. What can I do?'' (I)
''Shout it out loud.'' (She)


Final Chapter. August 2017.
Back where I come from — where everything started.
Driving around the city; it's the last goodbye.


On your chest, two big roses on the sides, and a crucifix in the middle.
"What does it mean?" (I)
''It represents my crucifixion. We are all bound to a cross. Which one is yours?" (She)


It was hard to get you, to understand your world.
It wasn't for everyone, it was special.


Sometimes it takes ages, sometimes only a day.
When I locked myself in my room, I turned on my synths.
And like a secretary on her typewriter, I started writing.
I went with the flow; I let myself go.
Trying to be as spontaneous as possible — like you always did.
My woman, this is a testament for you.


The Mercury Girl is that girl who lives in her secret world.
The Cleaners From Venus made such a beautiful song about it.
This is my version, a little tribute to one of the most underrated bands on earth.
'The Visionary' artwork by Lorena Sequeyro


There were flowers all over the place, as you always wanted.
And Leonard Cohen playing in the background.
I miss you.