NE151: An Exclusive Mix By… Three Legged Race

Since we already shared a song from Robert Beatty’s latest Three Legged Race record (the Underwater Peoples pic disc Rope Commercial Vol. 1 ) last month, self-titled thought we’d delve considering deeper into the Hair Police co-founder’s psyche by asking him to cut an exclusive mix. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“This is a mix of lots of fairly unclassifiable music brought together under the vague starting point of ‘synth punk’, but don’t hold me to that. It’s got a few ‘classics’ of the genre and some more recent favorites and a few tracks from some good friends and some stuff that has nothing to do with synth or punk that has the right feeling. This is more maybe just the last bit of leftover winter malaise seeping out and making way for summer to come rolling in.”

And here is the entire 93-minute recording…

1. Lonnie Holley- Here I Stand Knocking at Your Door
2. nsi.- +•ø>
3. Soft Verdict- Invader
4. Taiji- Endress World
5. Metal Urbain- Lady Coca Cola
6. Dendo Marionette- Frozen Edge
7. Tuxedomoon- No Tears
8. Nervous Gender- Monsters
9. Phew- Signal
10. Executive Slacks- 30 Years
11. Pre-Fix- Underneathica
12. Èlg- Notringo Indigo
13. Live Island- King
14. Tolerance- Sacrifice
15. Ike Yard- M. Kurtz
16. Drainolith- You Paid for It
17. Crawling With Tarts- Need to the Thrown Coast
18. Happy Dragon Band- 3-D Free (Electronic)
19. Omit- Recess
20. Royal Trux- Vile Child
21. Dirty Beaches- Au Revoir Mon Visage
22. Tether- Well Lit Void
23. Blanche Blanche Blanche- Fireworks
24. Devo- Bottled Up
25. Snapline- Sustaining
26. Robert Rental- Double Heart
27. Virginia Astley- Promise Nothing
28. Thick Pigeon- Sudan