NEW YORK CONVERSATION: Sigur Rós/Love Is All, 6.16.08

LOVE IS ALL: Straight outta’ Gothenburg and more metal than In Flames

Every week, self-titled scours the streets of New York looking for a good time. This is what we discovered on Monday night at two Ballroom’s: one on Bowery, and the other seven floors above Hammerstein …

AIM IM with STeditor02
5:04 PM

Caps: well to start, what were your overall thoughts on sigur?
Caps: have you seen them before?
STeditor02: of course
Caps: their first nyc show right?
Caps: how was that in comparison?
STeditor02: saw them for their first show in the states
Caps: a little louder, i bet
Caps: oh, the states
STeditor02: at irving
Caps: mr. special
STeditor02: i thought last night was pretty loud
Caps: so it was that album that i cant spell?
STeditor02: the venue was somewhat odd
Caps: agetis myotis
Caps: or something
STeditor02: looked like a conference hall
STeditor02: yeah, aegiatis
Caps: is that really how you spell it?
STeditor02: dunno
STeditor02: does it matter? they’re all nonsense words

Caps: speaking of nonsense words, do you have a theory about what the HELL that guy is saying?
Caps: i honestly think he just keeps repeating you
Caps: in different combinations
STeditor02: he’s saying nothing
Caps: oh, and “you sat alone, by the fiiiiiiiiire”
STeditor02: his vocals are an instrument
STeditor02: thats why he sings in falsetoo
STeditor02: falsetto
Caps: yeah but i still feel like hes inserting phrases like that to make people feel something
STeditor02: with little deviation
Caps: very repetitive
Caps: like a ragga
Caps: drone thing
Caps: he seems to speak in a falsetto too
5:10 PM
Caps: and wear really awesome tassled coats
STeditor02: that look is very chris martin
Caps: ah, but chris martin doesn’t have an awesome rat tail/faux hawk thing going on
Caps: what did you think of the new single live?
Caps: kinda odd but awesome seeing them HAPPY onstage
STeditor02: it really translates well live
Caps: reminded me of why ive felt very alive at some animal collective shows
Caps: better live than on record i think
Caps: the new stuff at least
Caps: the old can still bring me to tears and a bottle of red wine easily
STeditor02: ha. so emo
Caps: dude, that band is so emo
Caps: but in a grown up way
Caps: look at the photos on our site
STeditor02: yeah, there are definitve high points but there are times when it feels a bit lagging
Caps: each one has the token “tormented face”
Caps: like?
STeditor02: well, i think a sigur ros show should be a half hour shorter
STeditor02: two hours is generous
STeditor02: but it would have been better to leave us wanting more
Caps: two hours = only okay for u2
STeditor02: instead of being satisfied
STeditor02: pretty much
STeditor02: sigur ros is not about deviation
Caps: true
STeditor02: they’re about a steady ride. which is why this album is a real departure
Caps: i would have felt slightly more moved had they played an hour and a half
STeditor02: even though its not a radical one
Caps: right
Caps: oh, its a departure though
Caps: the only one in their catalogue really

Caps: speaking of sigur’s catalogue, i wholeheartedly endorse that cd/dvd they put out earlier this year
Caps: or did it have a dvd?
Caps: at any rate it had two cds at least
Caps: and its awesome
Caps: i like it more than the new album at the moment
5:15 PM
STeditor02: all their work is consistent
STeditor02: that have a sound thats all theirs
STeditor02: and there’s little want to deviate
5:20 PM
Caps: right
Caps: well speaking of a deviation, how about love is all, eh?
Caps: not exactly the same vibe as sigur ros
Caps: peppy, poppy, happy
Caps: all the important -ppy words in the world
STeditor02: loved them
STeditor02: way more than i love the recorded stuff
STeditor02: it gets a bit grating after a whole album
STeditor02: even though as a single band they totally work
STeditor02: the live set though…the charm is palpable
STeditor02: they’re super enthusiastic
Caps: they are–dare i say–cute
Caps: which is awesome considering they are from gothenburg
Caps: the land of melodic death metal
STeditor02: its nice to see a band play music and actually enjoy it
STeditor02: i like that they’re all kinda older too
Caps: thats because they dont tour much
STeditor02: like not these young, arty snots
Caps: they arent cranky yet
Caps: are they that old?
Caps: id gauge them at like32
5:25 PM
STeditor02: i’d be real curious to hear what their previous band girlfriendo was like
STeditor02: their cover of flock of seagulls’ “i ran” was pretty great
STeditor02: they totally reinvented the song
Caps: yeah
STeditor02: i picked up a cdr in the lobby
Caps: they definitely gave it a nice flavor
STeditor02: of five covers they
STeditor02: re doing
Caps: yeah, i was gonna buy that
Caps: how is it
STeditor02: its good
STeditor02: prince – darling nikky
STeditor02: dire straits – so far away
STeditor02: weird stuff
STeditor02: random
Caps: its random because each member chose a song
Caps: and the others couldnt argue about it
Caps: whats your fav on the ep
STeditor02: probably i ran

STeditor02: but last night, spinning and scratching was so good
Caps: yeah, glad i left before the last song
Caps: and missed my favorite
Caps: (i.e. spinning and scratching)
Caps: that “ah-ah-a-ah” part in it is AWESOME
Caps: its like some haunted spector shit
STeditor02: yeah. agreed
Caps: i wish the next album was all like that
STeditor02: but to sigur ros
5:30 PM
STeditor02: the fullness of the sound really impressed me
Caps: was it the room or them?
STeditor02: i seriously felt like they creating a breeze
Caps: what do you mean?
Caps: they were ‘riding the snake’?
Caps: finding a groove
Caps: all that
STeditor02: like when they played these explosive parts when the lights go mad bright
STeditor02: it feels like power
Caps: yeah, that was the best part
STeditor02: hands down, the best stoner band ever
STeditor02: incidentally
Caps: that song is called “Hafsol” by the way
Caps: go download it now kids

Caps: yeah, next time i might have to construct my first gravity bong since college
STeditor02: ha
STeditor02: would totally be worthwhile
STeditor02: great backing band
Caps: totally
STeditor02: horns, strings
STeditor02: i cant imagine them performing as a four piece any more
STeditor02: a few years back i saw them perform with an icelandic opera singer
STeditor02: nice to see them keep the live show mixed up
Caps: opera singer?
Caps: wheere was that?
Caps: the whole show with an opera singer/
Caps: ?
5:35 PM
STeditor02: no, just the ending
STeditor02: this intense burly dude
Caps: oh
Caps: nice
Caps: what song?
STeditor02: i have an EP at home they sold at shows
STeditor02: with him singing
Caps: youuuu? or yo-ouuuu?
STeditor02: along with the band
STeditor02: ha
Caps: ah, i know what to steal next time im over then
Caps: alright, anything else?
Caps: shall we summarize?
STeditor02: sure
STeditor02: a great night of music
STeditor02: from bands outside of new york
Caps: gee, wya to be descriptive
Caps: writer
STeditor02: so inherently non-new york bands
Caps: thats a good way of putting it
STeditor02: i feel like both of them were all communicating the spectrum of beauty
STeditor02: (gag)
STeditor02: sigur ros is an obvious one
STeditor02: but love is all is so pretty live
STeditor02: the record is intentionally post-punky
STeditor02: but live those choruses are swiming
Caps: yeah, i definitely felt a little emotionally drained after sigur
Caps: but then love is all made me want to hug someone
Caps: (gag indeed)