NOW PLAYING: A Roundup of Record Reviews, Featuring Nachtmystium, Coliseum and Matthew Dear

Nachtmystium live @ Nokia Theatre

Photo by Andrew Parks

Here’s what was on self-titled‘s office stereo today…


The Artist/Album: Nachtmystium, Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II (Century Media, 2010)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: Black-metal’s black sheep have the last laugh by channeling Killing Joke, Joy Division and Queens of the Stone Age amid choppy chords and industrialized keys. (Yes, really.) It works beautifully because frontman Blake Judd still sounds like he’d punch your mother in the mouth if he had to.


The Artist/Album: Coliseum, House With a Curse (Temporary Residence, 2010)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: Coliseum’s last crust-punk LP (No Salvation) was great and all, but nothing could have prepared us for the progressive hardcore of House With a Curse. Once a string section sets the scene, Ryan “I Swear I Don’t Smoke a Carton a Day” Patterson barrels right on through 11 pit-pleasers that shift tempos and moods alongside such left-field guests as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, J. Robbins (Jawbox) and Peter Searcy (Squirrel Bait). The result is as mesmerizing as brute force full-lengths get.


The Artist/Album: Matthew Dear, Black City (available 8/17 on Ghostly International)

The Songs In a Couple Sentences: We weren’t sure what to make of Matthew Dear’s third LP at first. Repeat listens have left us lusting after certain songs, however, from the smoke ring hooks of “Honey” to the decadent disco infiltrator movements of “Little People (Black City).” Looks like we’ve got a grower on our hands here…