NOW PLAYING: Consequence, ‘Live For Never’ (Exit, 2009)

The Details: Consequence, Live For Never (Exit, 2009)

A Quick Review: The last time we really listened to a drum ‘n’ bass LP was seven years ago, when we were still stationed in Syracuse and the only other option was truly horrendous post-hardcore music. (Let’s just say the dude from Sleigh Bells was still in Poison the Well back then…and they were one of the only bands in that scream/sing vein that we could remotely stand.)

Anyway, Live For Never is quite possibly the most emo d&b record we’ve ever heard, with traces of ambient noise and ‘intelligent techno’ filling the gray areas where an MC would usually reside. This is the “Amen break” taken to the dark side, and it suddenly makes Burial seem, well, too slow. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.