LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Dixon, ‘Live at Robert Johnson (Vol. 8)’

Dixon - 'Live at Robert Johnson' cover

The Artist/Album: Dixon, Live at Robert Johnson Vol. 8 (Live at Robert Johnson, 2011)

Our Review: The last entry in Robert Johnson’s limited mix series is offbeat in more ways than one. True to Dixon’s reputation as a masterful mood manipulator–dancing shoes, be damned–his set doesn’t get off the ground until about 15 minutes in, as scene-setting synths and spoken word passages give way to an actual heart-throbbing groove. It’s largely a red herring, though–one that isn’t resolved until the very end, as one of the underground’s most patient, rewarding DJs breaks the tension with a stash of twisted techno. And just when you’re ready to dance the night away, it all ends as abruptly as it started. Quite the magician, this one.

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