NOW PLAYING: Four Tet, ‘Rounds’

The Artist/Album: Four Tet, Rounds (Domino, 2003)

A Short Review: Declare a dude’s quilt-like productions “folktronica” and this is what he does in return: send his samples spiraling through space in the hopes of hitting us square in the head (the silver bells and scenery-chewing rhythm section of “She Moves She,” the adrenaline shot loops of “Spirit Fingers”) and heart strings (the steam-pressed minor keys of “My Angel Rocks Back and Forth,” the plaintive piano lines of “Unspoken”). And as the sun sets alongside Kieran Hebden’s version of a “Slow Jam,” we’re presented with a playful mix of shimmering chords, snappy beats, and freshly squeezed squeaky toys. All of which make perfect sense in the beautifully strange world he created across Round‘s blank canvas.

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