NOW PLAYING: Sonic Youth, ‘Simon Werner a Disparu’ Soundtrack

The Artist/Album: Sonic Youth, Simon Werner a Disparu (SYR, 2011) 

A Short Review: Well there you have it: Sonic Youth’s SYR imprint isn’t as strictly experimental as you’d expect. Take this French film soundtrack, for instance. Aside from a few chalkboard-scraping high notes and feedback flareups, Simon Werner a Disparu is driven by welcome departures like subtle piano strands (“Les Anges au piano”) and pockets of peak v. valley material that could pass for Mogwai’s new full-length. Not to mention quite a few songs that are clearly Sonic Youth instrumentals. (“Theme d’Alice” is just begging to be played live–all 13 minutes of it.)

FYI: The digital version is available now, but a limited vinyl pressing isn’t on the way until March 1. You can pre-order that here.