NOW PLAYING: Tropic of Cancer, ‘The Sorrow of Two Blooms’

The Artist/Album: Tropic of Cancer, The Sorrow of Two Blooms 12” (Blackest Ever Black, 2011)

Our Review: FACT‘s deputy editor (Kiran Sande) launched Blackest Ever Black last fall as a means of “[reestablishing] electronic music as a poetic, provocative and emotionally inquisitive force…art, as opposed to engineering.” As clinical as all that sounds–hell, it might as well be the abstract of someone’s Philosophy 401 paper–Tropic of Cancer’s first BEB 12” features everything we love about minimal synth music, from soot-slathered melodies to keys that caress your neck like a patient serial killer. Bleak and strangely beautiful; hopefully a harbinger of things to come.

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