OSCILLATIONS: The Recap, Featuring Photos and a John Carpenter-Esque Video Clip of Circlesquare, Zombie Zombie, Michna and Apache Beat

[Slideshow shots by Abbey Braden; other photos/video by Andrew Parks]

Thanks to all the artists and attendees at OSCILLATIONS last Thursday. For those of you who missed the festivities, here are some honorary awards from the night:

  • Best Use of a Homemade Smoke Machine and Lasers: Michna
  • Most Likely to Induce ‘Shroom Use At Their Next Show, Due to Severely-Locked Grooves: Zombie Zombie
  • The “Did We Just Hear A Bongo (And It Ruled)?” Award: Apache Beat
  • Best Reason to Not Blame Canada: The Berliners (Via Vancouver) in Circlesquare
  • And finally…the “Man That DJ Booth Has An Identity Crisis In All the Right Ways” Award: Flagrant Fowl

Time for some photos and a video of Zombie Zombie killing it, sunglasses at night style…


Photo by Abbey Bradden
Photo by Abbey Bradden