PEEP SHOW: Aleister X, “On Your Feet”

Here’s what Aleister X had to share about the following video, the first single from his Andrew W.K.-produced EP, The Git (out October 12 on Steev Mike Records).

Sadie said there was a new all-night ice cream parlor with a pull-up, and they had this Black Death Licorice Crystal Chunk flavour. That was all I needed to hear. We had a laff and a joke, fired up The Coop, and set out in search of that flavour. It was lefts, it was rights. Highways, and hairpins. The bloody Coops’ got a mind of it’s own and needless to say we got sidetracked. The GPS went tits-up left us in the fritz again. Seems like every time I try to do something fun, even something small like going for ice cream, I get caught up in some bloody tangent and things get all derailed, innit? That’s exactly how it went down, so let’s keep our stories straight.