PEEP SHOW: Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy Helps Nine Inch Nails Cover Joy Division, Rumble Through “Reptile”

Peter Murphy, live in London a couple years back

Poor Peter Murphy. Here he was, clearly the Big Surprise on the third night of Nine Inch Nails‘ Wave Goodbye Tour–a nod to NIN’s Ramen days on the road with the Bauhaus frontman–and most of Terminal 5’s beyond-packed crowd didn’t appear to know who the old-guy-in-the-makeup was.

Oh well. We did. And we certainly appreciated his operatic approach to a classic Downward Spiral cut (the cage-rattling loops and steady lashings of “Reptile”) and the Joy Division song NIN once covered for the Crow soundtrack (“Dead Souls”), aka the first CD self-titled proudly picked up from Media Play.

Here are full video clips of the two songs. We’ll have stage front shots and a story related to last night’s show later today…