PEEP SHOW: The Real DOOM Stands Up For ‘Expektoration Live’

Expektoration hits stores on 9/14 through Gold Dust. Here’s what the New York label had to say about DOOM‘s semi-controversial live record:

We’re pretty much down with anything DOOM has to offer, so when we heard he had a live set that featured material from Madvillainy and MM Food heavily, we were all about it.  Amidst all of the controversy about imposters at shows etc. I think I lot of people forgot about the fact that MF DOOM can rock a live performance with the best of them.  From the toungue twisting at the end of “Change The Beat” to familiar crowd pleasers from Operation Doomsday, DOOM kills the material from this set in front of a hometown crowd that obviously knows every word.  Kinda makes the recent switheroo business all the more frustrating, but it’s awesome to have a document like this of one of the world’s finest emcees ripping it live in his prime.