PEEP SHOW: Torche Reveal New ‘King Beef’ Track, Boris Split at Music Hall of Williamsburg Show

[Photo by Andrew Parks]

When we last saw Torche, they were upstaging dredg and throwing us off guard with new tracks. Four months later, we know now the name of the set’s spare, tension-riddled standout: “King Beef.” Ridiculous title aside, it’s the perfect bridge from the concise stoner-pop excursions of the band’s breakthrough record (Meanderthal) to material that’s a little more dynamic and sinister-sounding. A natural extension of “Amnesian,” if you will.

Hear what we mean after the jump, as self-titled reveals a live rendition from last night’s Music Hall of Williamsburg show alongside cover art from the Boris split (Chapter Ahead Being Fake, due out August 19 through Hydra Head) that’ll feature the song. 

Torche/Boris, Chapter Ahead Being Fake 12″ (Hydra Head):
A: Torche, “King Beef”
B: Boris, “Luna”