PEEP SHOW: Watch ‘Comedians’, a Student Film Featuring Seth MacFarlane and Les Savy Fav

Photo by Aaron Richter

In honor of Root For Ruin, Les Savy Fav‘s latest serrated slab of caustic but catchy indie rock, we thought we’d share the finest YouTube find we’ve ever uncovered: Syd Butler’s short RISD film Comedians, which stars younger versions of the bassist and Les Savy Fav’s frenzied frontman, Tim Harrington. Aside from proving that the latter’s ‘unique’ sense of humor hasn’t changed in 16 years, it also features the pair’s former classmate, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

“Seth was a year older than us, and was into film and video, and was completely fucking annoying,” Harrington says in the next issue of self-titled (available in late September/early October). “[He was] totally not funny. I remember saying, ‘You’re in art school and you’re doing the blazer, brick wall stand-up comedy night.’ It’s so depressing. But hey, look at him and look at me. He nailed it and I’m a fucking jackass.”

Really now, it doesn’t get much more priceless than this…