Porcelain Raft Reveals Trailer For New ‘Permanent Signal’ Album

Porcelain Raft

Porcelain Raft

“In September, I started recording my new album and the first thing I decided to do was sell all of my instruments,” wrote Porcelain Raft earlier this year. “I didn’t want this record to sound anything like Strange Weekend so, to avoid any temptation, I sold almost everything…and got few new things. Most importantly, I got a modular synth.

He continued, “I was spending my days recording a new record in the studio, and at nights found myself jamming on the modular more and more, obsessively recording everything I was doing. I remember reading the sentence ‘language is often a defense’ and wanting to follow it, like a game. The result of these late night sessions is an instrumental EP called Silent Speech; I hope you enjoy it.”

Four months later, we’ve now got word of Permanent Signal, the proper follow-up to Strange Weekend that’s due out through Secretly Canadian on August 20th. Check out its trailer below, right alongside a streaming/downloadable version of Silent Speech

Porcelain Raft - 'Silent Speech' EP