Tropic of Cancer
“Court of Devotion”

How appropriate that Tropic of Cancer’s debut album is dropping the first week of fall, what with Camella Lobo’s preeminent position as Southern California’s cellar-dwelling princess of smog-choked pop music. What do we mean by that? How about songs that are as shadowy as L.A. itself, a city that—as Lobo detailed in a gloomy travel guide last year—”holds far too many dreams, both dead and alive.” Not to mention a noir-ish underbelly of unsolved mysteries, night drives, and hills that seem to scrape the horizon line for miles.

With Restless Idylls less than a week away from its digital Blackest Ever Black release (pre-order the limited double LP pressing here), we’re psyched to share the record’s first official single: the steam-pressed, downward spiral-tracing “Court of Devotion.” If you dig its stranglehold of gossamer hooks, the 7” edit of another full-length cut is also available to stream below, right alongside details about Tropic of Cancer’s fall tour…

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Tropic of Cancer's fall tour