Scandinavian Artists Battle and Embrace Phone Culture in Varg Music Video

Like a lo-fi version of '2001: A Space Odyssey'
With members of Copenhagen's dance (Disturbing Business founder Maji Claire) and film (Morph) communities both involved in its conception—along with Northern Electronics co-founder Varg—the above clip is more than just a simple music video. It's a meeting of Scandinavian minds that started with this past summer's Crush LP and ended with a wildly expressive display of dynamic choreography. All brought together by our shared love and loathing of the phone culture that permeates and consumes our everyday lives (see also: the song's anxious title, "Placing My IPhone X Facing Up To See When U Answer My Texts"). 

"The meeting point for us became the phone," explains Morph co-founder Marco Stoltze, who collaborated with DJ/cinematographer Mikkel Ulriksen and multi-medium artist Kamil Franko. "We didn't discuss Varg's thoughts. In fact, we never met; we only had the music and the title to work from. The idea of the phone and its grip on our emotional life materialized as an intrusive black monolith. On a more conceptual level, we wanted to create a video suited for being watched on a phone, with simple pictures and aesthetics composed for a small screen." 

"I don’t dance," adds Varg, "but I love and highly respect dancing and dancers.  I grew up around them and I always admired people being able to alter their physique and presence via dancing. They asked to use a track made on my phone on a plane from my last album. It’s a highly personal track with a personal story to it. I’m glad to see someone interpret those emotions.”

Crush is now available through Posh Isolation and can be streamed alongside Varg's track-by-track commentary here. The elusive producer plays live in Bergen this Saturday; be sure to follow his feed for shots from the road and studio.