DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Azealia Banks & Machinedrum, “NEEDSUMLUV”

As promised late last week, Azealia Banks unveiled her latest single via Twitter this morning, writing, “It’s R&B but hella progressive. It’s about being a guy’s other girl. It’s about knowing that ur number #2, but still sticking around in hopes of becoming #1.”

While that may sound a little vague, Banks talked in depth about a doomed relationship that drove her to a serious bout with depression in our current issue:

I broke up with this guy who I was dating for a long time, this guy who was married. When I got with him, he told me he was divorced. Then he told me he was working on the paperwork. Then I find out that they’re not even fucking separated, and when he goes back to L.A., he goes back to his wife. And at that point, I’m really in love with this guy.

I was basically his punching bag for a while. I was 18, and he was 43.And I was like his emotional sponge; he would use me to soak up all his misery. It didn’t make sense to me until after we had broken up that he was making me depressed. You know, when you’re having sex with someone, whatever is in that person’s subconscious mingles with your subconscious.

He had substance-abuse problems. I mean, I don’t do drugs–I smoke weed every once in a while–but I’ve seen what that shit does to people and what it does to your creativity. I get depressed, but life isn’t that bad. He convinced me that I had all these problems I didn’t have. He convinced me I was a drug addict because I liked to smoke pot. He convinced me that I was a sex addict because I was begging him to come into town. It’s like, ‘No, I haven’t seen you in a month and a half.’ It was a really abusive relationship.

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