RECORDING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Veronica Falls On … London, Coffee, ‘The Gilmore Girls’ and More

Recording Under the Influence is a recurring self-titled feature where we ask artists to ignore their musical inspirations for a minute and share what really went into the making of a particular record. We’ve already told you why we love Veronica Falls’ debut LP; now it’s time to delve into what drives one member–drummer Patrick Doyle, who wanted us to let you know that the rest of the London-based group does not in fact endorse The Gilmore Girls… 

Patrick Doyle’s Top 5 Non-Musical Influences

My favorite TV program. No matter what is going on in my life, these two women never fail to restore normality and sanity within a couple of episodes. Like a younger version of the Beale’s of Grey Gardens, the Gilmore’s offer a fresh perspective on every situation and continue to bring me to tears, either of happiness or of joy.

Moving to London was a big influence on me as far as music goes. I was tired of Glasgow and felt I had exhausted it was a city as far as inspiration goes. I find getting to know a city is such an exhilarating experience and London is an incredible city to discover. Three years on, I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of things to do and see here. I’m in love with London.

Having been without a record player until recently, the only way I choose to listen to records was to ride my bike with my headphones turned up full. Again exploring London, with an album to keep you company is an amazing experience. Last night I went for a cycle just so I could listen to a new record. I think it might have overtaken my love for listening to records in my bedroom.

My raison de vivre! My brain would definitely struggle without the aid of an Americano (or five). Preferably from La Bouche at the Broadway Market. My daily ritual is to cycle through London Fields for a coffee and a cigarette, hopefully accompanied by a new album or mixtape to listen to.

One of the biggest influences, surely? The people who makes us happy/sad/angry–sometimes all three within an hour.