Scalping Channel B-Movies, Absolute Chaos in “Chamber” Video

The 'right level of pandemonium'

Scalping leave very little room to breathe on their Chamber 12'', a head-on collision between fractured electronics and ragged guitar riffs that features remixes from Bruce and DJ October on its B-side. Having recently hit shops through Council Records—the London imprint's first proper release—the title track gets taken to a whole other level of havoc in the video premiere below, which was directed by the band's own Jamie Thomas. Check out his commentary below, and look out for their searing live set at several festivals in the coming months, including Test Pressing on April 27th and Portsmouth Psych on May 4th (Scalping's UK release shows this week are already sold out).... 
With the video for ''Chamber,'' it was important to draw ideas from the band's visual style and performative ethos. I worked closely with Jason Baker (the band's visual artist) to develop ideas and animations that would fit into an abstract narrative as well as present us with the opportunity to be a little more experimental with the filmmaking as a whole (e.g. using projection mapping).

We were fortunate enough to be able to find an actor, Jay Robertson, who physically appeared not too dissimilar from some of the characters used in the visuals. This produced a disorientating contrast between human and synthetic that became the heart of the concept. A bit of '80s B-movie/horror influence tipped things to the right level of pandemonium and really felt in tune with the energy of the song and the spirit of the band.