SIREN FEST SPOTLIGHT: Spank Rock Lets Amanda Blank Steal Their Headlining Set

[Photos by Andrew Parks]

The Artist: The hastily-added headlining set of a 2 Live rapper who’s as subversive as Neil Patrick Harris’ horndog character on How I Met Your Mother. (Think about it.)

Their Latest Release: Fabriclive 33 (Fabric, 2007)

The Set in a Few Sentences: Look, we realize that rap shows usually devolve into a string of pass-the-mic posse cuts rather than an intro-to-out performance from the main attraction. With that in mind, Mr. Spank Rock himself (MC Naeem Juwan) spent half of his set off-stage and let Amanda Blank run the show. (While we’re still not that excited about her long-delayed solo debut, Blank easily stole the spotlight; so much so that we’d argue she deserves most of Juwan’s guarantee.) While this is better than not showing up at all, we’re starting to wonder if Spank Rock should stay a studio project. And beyond that, we’re pretty damn happy to hear that Spank Rock’s largely-overlooked producer, Xxxchange, is reportedly releasing a single through DFA soon. (He was actually an intern there back in the day.)

And a Letter Grade: C+ (because this was supposed to be a Spank Rock set)

Amanda Blank strikes a pose.