Slash Confirms STP Reunion, NKOTB Hang Tough, and more!


STP: I don’t know, can he?

  • Slash has confirmed STP‘s rumored reunion.
  • New Kids on the Block has beaten *NSYNC to the comeback trail.
  • Jimmy Page has explained Led Zeppelin‘s touring situation.
  • Blur‘s bassist has filmed a documentary about Columbia’s cocaine business.
  • Gui Borrato has remixed Goldfrapp‘s new single.
  • Oregon’s attorney general is questioning the RIAA‘s scare tactics.
  • Amazon‘s MP3 service is going global.
  • Wired has weeded out some of Anthology‘s key reissues.
  • The majors have denied signing a deal with the free download service, Qtrax.
  • Liars‘ current tour with No Age is still on despite Angus Andrew’s recent back injury.
  • Woah, check out this Technics 1200 watch.
  • The LA Times has weighed in on Coachella‘s controversial lineup.
  • Is Foxy Brown back?
  • Arcade Fire has finished their “Black Mirror” video.
  • Ever wonder what TV’s top music supervisors are listening to right now? EW‘s got the answer.

S/T’s video of the day: Blur, “Coffee & TV”