Mr Twin Sister, “In the House of Yes”

Mr Twin Sister

“Putting these songs out feels like finding a bathroom in Manhattan at the LAST possible second,” Mr Twin Sister wrote on Twitter last night, reinforcing what a relief it’s been to reveal the many sides of their new record over the past four months. First there was the more-human-than-human dance music of “Out of the Dark,” then the Brooklyn band slipped into slow-burn mode on “Blush,” and now we’re moving beneath a mirror ball as “In the House of Yes” soaks its mid-tempo disco melodies in windswept strings, a couple sax cameos, and a steady rhythm section that makes it seem like the track could extend its edit a few more minutes without anyone noticing. In fact, they’d probably appreciate it.

Have a listen to all three singles below, and look out for the rest of Mr Twin Sister on September 23rd…