‘Stop Making Sense’ Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Digital Release, Theatrical Run

Talking Heads in 'Stop Making Sense'

As much as we appreciate David Byrne’s very existence—and brutally honest Guardian columns like this—it’s hard to imagine him ever achieving the heights Talking Heads reached during the post-punk era. Nor is he interested in doing so, which is more than we can say for the countless nostalgia inducers who reunite simply to replenish their bank accounts. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The economy’s rough enough already without us getting into a tired conversation about ‘selling out’.)

At any rate, Stop Making Sense is not just an essential document of Talking Heads during their Speaking in Tongues days. It’s one of the greatest concert films of all time, known for its long shots (directed by Jonathan Demme, years before his definitive work, The Silence of the Lambs), restrained lighting, and iconic images like Byrne getting ‘interviewed’ in a very big suit. This being 2014, Palm Pictures is rolling out a 30th anniversary digital release on July 15th and reviving the film with a limited theatrical run this summer. Check out a list of participating theaters below, along with a montage of key moments and that aforementioned interview…

Stop Making Sense:
5/22 Pleasantville, NY – Jacob Burns
5/23-6/5 Ogden, UT – Art House Cinema 502
6/4-5 Brooklyn, NY – BAM
6/7 Portland, OR – Reed College
6/13-14 Kansas City, MO – Tivoli Theatre
6/13-19 Missoula, MT – Roxy
6/16 Rochester, NY – Little Theater
6/18-20 Los Angeles, CA – New Beverly
6/18-22 Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center
6/19-22 Oak Cliff, TX – Texas Theatre
6/22 Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix Center for the Arts
7/3 Littleton, CO – Alamo
7/4-5 Troy, OH – Mayflower
7/10 Yonkers, NY – Alamo
7/14 Austin, TX – Alamo Ritz
7/15-17 Kalamazoo, MI – Alamo
8/1-3 Seattle, WA – SIFF Cinema
8/6 Lexington, KY – Kentucky Theatre
8/14 Houston, TX – Miller Outdoor Theatre
8/14-16 Chicago, IL – Music Box
8/22-24 Kansas City, MO – Armour
9/6 New Orleans, LA – Shotgun Cinema
9/6-8 Silver Springs, MD – AFI Silver
9/19 Kansas City, MO – Kansas City Public Library

TBD dates:
Kingston, ON – Screening Room Cinema
Vancouver, BC – Vancity
Los Angeles, CA – Oscar Theatre
Huntington, NY – Cinema Arts Center
Portland, OR – Academy Theater
Portland, OR – Northwest Film Center
Memphis, TN – Indie Memphis
Nashville, TN – Belcourt Theater