SXSW SPOTLIGHT: Blessure Grave’s Live Band Isn’t As Miserable As Their Album, So Insert Your Interpol/Joy Division Comparisons Here

Photos by Andrew Parks

The Artist & Their Latest Release: Blessure Grave, Judged By Twelve Carried By Six (Alien8, 2010)

The Showcase: Alien8/Prophase @ Rusty Spurs, 3.17.10

The Set In a Few Sentences: As our recent Cold Cave cover suggested, we’ve been on a bit of a night crawler kick lately. Discovering the pent up depression of Blessure Grave–a welcome anomaly from the sunny shores of San Diego–certainly hasn’t helped matters, either, although the duo’s live band was surprisingly upbeat last Wednesday. Well, upbeat for a pair of melancholic miscreants, bumped up a few BPMs by a kit-clobbering drummer and chest-caving bassist.

Simply put, Blessure Grave’s prickly performances are like Interpol if they grew a pair. And, yes, that is a good, maybe even great, thing.

And a Letter Grade: B+