SXSW SPOTLIGHT: Das Racist? More Like Das Entertaining!

Photos by Aaron Richter

The Artist & Their Latest Release: Das Racist, Shut Up Dude (out 3/22 on Mishka/Greedhead Entertainment)

The Showcase: Time Out New York @ Buffalo Billiards, 3.17.10

The Set in a Few Sentences: You know what’s missing from most South By Southwest acts? A sense of humor. All the more reason why we caught Das Racist on opening night, then–because they know how to put on a show while dancing around sleek beats and name-checking every pop culture figure imaginable, from Joe Pesci to Jeff Mangum, Downtown Julie Brown to Donkey Kong Country. And then there’s the Family Matters “cover” that they shared in the live clip below.

Extra points for the following in this particular set, too: refusing to play more than 30 seconds of that Pizza Hut song and calling out Buffalo Billboards for not giving them free drink tickets. (Several glasses of fan-provided tequila followed in suit, only to be knocked over when the trio got really into their free associative rhymes.)

And a Letter Grade: A-