SXSW SPOTLIGHT: This Is Your Brain On Moon Duo. Any Questions?

Photos by Aaron Richter

The Artist & Their Latest Release: Moon Duo, Escape (Woodsist, 2010)

The Showcase: WFMU/Aquarius Records @ Encore Patio, 3.19.10

The Set In a Few Sentences: Don’t let the crazy motherfucker in the above photo fool you. While we certainly enjoyed being pulled into Moon Duo’s Kraut-y K-hole, the live renditions of their rather incredible, speaker-ripping EPs (Escape, Killing Time) sounded better suited for opium dens than an outdoor stage.

Oh by the way: brother man is from a Black Sabbath tribute band called Into the Void, drove to South By Southwest from Philly, got into an accident along the way (check out his other war scars), and was convinced that Ripley Johnson is in fact Charles Manson. And here to kill us. Yeah.

And a Letter Grade: B