Tess Roby On… Why Travel’s the Ultimate Muse

"There is a certain feeling I only get from being in a new place"
Tess Roby
Photo by Ryan Molnar
Words + Photos TESS ROBY 

Seven years of living in Montreal and I don’t take as many pictures here as I used to. My daily views feel ingrained in me—my camera now bulky to walk with, I know the streets too well. Deep winter takes up almost half of the year here; the city becomes cold and dismal, and I feel the pull to escape to warmer climates. This is not to say I don’t find Montreal beautiful––to live here in summer is a dream––but I now travel to take photographs, and being somewhere I have never been before is a very intense source of inspiration for me. There is a certain feeling I can only get from being in a new place, and many of the best photographs I’ve taken reflect that feeling.

Here are some of them....
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