TEST PRESSING: Hudson Mohawke Leaks Half of Rare Ooops! EP, With Edits of Tweet and Ashanti

When Warp celebrated its 20th birthday earlier this month, they introduced a beatmaker in-the-know Brits have buzzed about for the past year: Hudson Mohawke, the UK’s youngest DMC finalist and a rising underground star based on a string of limited 12-inch singles and bootlegs. The most popular of which was the ultra-rare Ooops! EP, a circuit-bending stab at such Top 40 fare as Ashanti’s “Still On It.” Wireblock is repressing the vinyl version very soon. In the meantime, we’ve got one cut from each side available for download below.

Fans of Dabrye, Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing will lap this stuff right up. And if you’re still unsure of all this stutter-step business, we’ve also included a sampler from Hudson’s Warp debut, Butter, which features a Dam-Funk appearance (!) and hits shops on October 27.