TEST PRESSING: Listen To Two Beck Mixtapes, Featuring Warpaint, Francoise Hardy, The Shaggs, Brian Eno, Zola Jesus, and More

Check out two of Beck‘s recent mixtapes after the jump, and his entire “Planned Obsolescence” archive here

Beck, ‘Why Do I Feel?’ Mix:
Warpaint – Lissie’s Heart Murmur
Warp 9 – Nunk
The Shaggs – Why do I feel?
Sibylle Baier – Tonight
Section 25 – C. P.
Section 25 – Melt Close
Selda – Meydan Sizindir
Serge Gainsbourg – L’homme A Tete De Choux
Uri Geller – I Cannot Answer You
Francoise Hardy – Viens
Harumi – Without Her
Chris Bell – I am The Cosmos

Beck, ‘Highrise Saturnine’ Mix:
Ulrich Schnauss – Stars
Ladytron – Highrise
Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
Brightblack Morning Light – Everybody Daylight
Perfume Genius – Gay Angels
Kurt Vile – He’s Alright
Deerhunter – Earthquake
Brian Eno – The Belldog
Salem – Frost
Zola Jesus – Night
Twin Shadow – Shooting Holes
Deerhoof – Believe E.S.P.