TEST PRESSING (WITH VIDEO COMMENTARY): Etienne Jaumet Shares An Exclusive Mix Featuring Goblin, Suicide, Harmonia & More

In the spirit of Ghostly International’s popular “Seeing Colors” mix, we recently asked Etienne Jaumet to commemorate his first solo LP (Night Music, out today through Domino/Versatile) with an hour-long mix of highly influential music like Harmonia, Suicide and Sun Ra. Jaumet’s heady tracklisting won’t surprise anyone who’s heard or seen his work in Zombie Zombie,  but if you’re wondering why he decided to drop this or that, we’ve also included some priceless commentary clips.

As for Night Music itself, the long player expands upon the synth-slinging vignettes of Jaumet’s Entropy 12-inch, from the 20 moonlit minutes of “For Falling Asleep”–an album opener that could be its very own EP–to the horn-chasing haze of “At the Crack of Dawn.” Definitely a must-listen if you’re into electronic music as a journey, not a destination…

Etienne Jaumet, “Mix Sous Influence”:
Harmonia, “Watussi”
Young Marble Giants, “Eating Noddemix”
Suicide, “Radiation”
Francois De Roubaix, “Les Caïds”
Max Matthews, “Bicycle Built For Two”
DAF, “Der Sheriff”
Goblin, “Flashing”
Jacques Tollot, “Enlevez Les Boulons, Le Croiseur Se Désagrège”
Pelloquin/Sauvageau, “Sterilization”
Sun Ra, “Love In Outer Space”
Alain Goraguer, “Le Bracelet”
Franco Battiato, “Propiedad Prohibida”
Ash Ra Tempel VI/Manuel Gottsching, “Echo Waves”
Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo, “Malabar Hotel… Upper Floor… Moving Triangle”
Heldon, “Back To Heldon”
Ustad Bismillah Kahn, “Raag Todi”