TEST PRESSING: Zombi Drummer Premiers New “Sci-Fi Disco” Project, Majeure

Photo by Shawn Brackbill

If you’ve been wondering what Zombi’s done since delivering their third full-length disc, Spirit Animal–aside from telling us why Genesis isn’t godawful–Temporary Residence just revealed the whereabouts of drummer A.E. Paterra. Much like the Lovelock alias of his bandmate Steve Moore, Majeure is disco music for paranoid androids and anyone who appreciates analog synths and the Blade Runner soundtrack.

It’s also epic as hell–Paterra’s TRL debut, Timespan (due out October 20) spreads three shimmering tracks across entire album sides. Everything’s carefully sculpted, too, the result of 18 “painstakingly produced” months featuring live drums and lots of laser-like synth lines. Here’s a preview of the middle piece, along with cover art and a full track listing…

Majeure, Timespan:
1. The Dresden Codex
2. Teleforce
3. Timespan