The Aliens Have Arrived in Yialmelic Frequencies’ “Clay” Video

And we couldn't be happier
Yialmelic Frequencies
If we had to name one power couple in LA's sun-baked New Age scene, it'd have to be Diva Dompé and Matthew David McQueen. Better known as Yialmelic Frequences and MatthewDavid respectively, both producers were clearly born on another plane entirely. The former's recent Yililok double pack is especially out-of-this-world, an ASMR-optimized journey into  "Yialmel, a place that radiates with Love and Harmony, where Matter, Energy and Consciousness exist along one gradient of manifest form. Where all manifest matter has consciousness and all of these consciousnesses collaborate in interaction. Where desire, attention, and love are valuable units of exchange." 

Listen and you'll understand. Director Jules Guerin certainly did when he was tapped to create a video clip for an edited version of Dompé's side-long "Clay" track. 
"When Diva came to me with this project," explains Guerin, "I directly felt like some alien beings were trying to communicate through her music, it felt very out of this world but at the same time it’s like I already knew them. As I usually do, I started listening to the song with eyes closed and saw those creatures playing, dancing and merging. I couldn’t tell if they were inside our body or in another galaxy, I think they were on both planes at the same time. The result is pretty similar to what I saw in this daydream."

"It was such a blessing to receive this video from Jules," adds Dompé. "I love the way frequencies of the song have been giving life through these sentient beings we see in the video. On Yialmel, frequency, vibration and resonance are felt, experienced, known, seen and heard as very sentient, conscious and alive. On Yialmel, frequency is played with to make resonance sculptures to be newly integrated information into our shared manifest existence. These resonance sculptures are much like the beings we see in the video. I also love how they are communing, collaborating, transmutating, combining to create new forms and new resonance."


Yialmelic Frequencies