Tomat Petrella Take Our Brain to Another Dimension With “Proxima Centauri B” Video

Pay close attention
Tomat Petrella
Between the weightless, fractal-like synth lines of Davide Tomat (Niagara, N.A.M.B., Superbudda) and the wild trombone melodies of Gianluca Petrella, it's easy to get swept up in Kepler, the Italian duo's ace debut album under the name Tomat Petrella

Donato Sansone
 gets it; according to the director, the abstract yet accessible song "Proxima Centauri B"—featured in the video premiere below, along with a few other clips and the rest of the record—is "a beautiful piece that kidnapped me and brought me into space. My job was to let myself be seduced and projected from earth, on an imaginary journey made of juxtaposed visual fragments that accompany us through a suggestive stellar escape to another planet. I was amused and excited to imagine taking this journey through the assembly and processing of pre-existing video clips."