VIDEO: Oneohtrix Point Never, “Still Life (Excerpt)”

Oneohtrix Point Never's "Still Life (Excerpt)" video

Oneohtrix Point Never's "Still Life (Excerpt)" video

Daniel Lopatin would like you to think of the first video from his new Oneohtrix Point Never album as “a hallucinogenic browse of a video store’s horror section.” Nate Boyce’s “morphing sculptures of inorganic life forms” remind us of something else however: old Autechre videos, an important distinction to draw considering that R Plus Seven is due out through that duo’s longtime label (Warp) on October 1st.

Here’s the statement that’d be on the wall if “Still Life (Excerpt)” were hanging at a gallery somewhere:

Incongruous surfaces come together in a nexus of fetishistic material interactions. Cryptic ads for obscure objects, fragments of sculptural forms, and remnants of material surfaces are thrown into the mix with bulging semi-solids, unctuous quasi-liquids that are agitated into an animated flow. There is no resolution other than the suspension of these discrete elements from diverging orders: liquid, mineral, organic, consumerist, etc. Their interactions simply propose a language that is looked at as it inheres in the plasticity of texture. This is the language of morphogenesis–the process of approaching form–imagined as a pulsatile latency that stops short of emergence.

Now have a closer look down below…