Alexandra Stréliski Unveils “Changing Winds” Video

As heard on the HBO show 'Sharp Objects'
Alexandra Stréliski

"To me, Inscape was an existential crisis," says composer/pianist Alexandra Stréliski, when asked about her new album for Secret City Records. "A year where everything capsized and I had to go through various interior landscapes—hectic, beautiful and painful at the same time. I found myself in a space filled with grey areas that I didn’t know how to escape. A piano, on its own, is a very vulnerable thing, and I want to share this moment with the listener." 

Stréliski's "Changing Winds" video—which we're about to premiere—captures this delicate state perfectly, with a setting so intimate it almost feels invasive.  
"This video captures the feeling of solitude that I felt before I decided to change some things in my life," explains Stréliski. "It is a moment where the need to be closer to my inner nature started to emerge. Blowing subtly in my ear." 

"We've all experienced this feeling of being cloistered in a box," adds director Vincent René-Lortie, "restrained by rules to follow as if we were all destined to become the same person. In these boxes—illustrated here by apartment towers—countless people have built their homes, but have trouble connecting with each other. For me, the only light that shines in the night symbolizes the hope of an artist still awake in an empty, dark and detached world.

He continues, "With a simple story, I tried to illustrate this moment of understanding, where the artist realizes that she has two choices; either to accept or to destroy these four walls. 'Changing Winds' is a state of desire and a fear of change. It is the origin of an explosion."

Check out a complete rundown of Stréliski's record below, along with tour dates, a trailer, and the official video for "Plus tôt," another striking piece that was featured along with "Changing Winds" on the hit HBO show Sharp Objects....
Alexandra Streliski | Inscape album cover
Alexandra Stréliski
(Secret City, October 5th)

1. Plus tôt
2. The Quiet Voice
3. Par la fenêtre de Théo
4. Ellipse
5. Changing Winds
6. Interlude
7. Blind Vision
8. Burnout Fugue
9. Overturn
10. Revient le jour
11. Le Nouveau Départ
Alexandra Stréliski tour dates:
10/11 Montreal, QC - Centre Phi (album launch)
10/18 Paris, France - Les Trois Baudets (MaMA Festival)
2/22 Montreal, QC - Théâtre Outremont
3/1 Quebec City, QC - Palais Montcalm
3/29 St-Jérôme, QC - Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault