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We Could Learn a Lot From Nature in C. Diab’s New “Butterflies” Video

Taken from his recent 'sonic exorcism' record
Here's the thing about the human condition: We're destined to overthink it, to dwell on the dark matters that often make it difficult to embrace the day. C. Diab knows this; it's something the guitarist/trumpeter struggled with, and channeled, around the recording of his new solo LP Exit Rumination

"Exit Rumination came to be after a series of difficult experiences forced me into a kind of mental hibernation," explains Diab, "and I found myself trying to come to terms with the movements in life which one can not control. The recording of the album sonically reflected the difficulty in overcoming this standstill, and the process served as a sort of sonic exorcism."

The video above (directed by the Turkish filmmaker Daghan Is) is a perfect example. According to Diab, it shows the "simple and beautiful themes of nature. All at the mercy of the world's movements, out of their control, the wind and the waves, but all standing or wading in symbiotic existence. Nature doesn't ruminate—something to work toward...."