Kissing is a Crime Get a Jumpstart on Halloween With “Noise at Night” Video

As inspired by David Lynch and Luis Bunuel
Maybe it's because summer is now unofficially over, but one of the things we noticed over the holiday weekend was the sudden appearance of Halloween end caps and emporiums across the land. An appropriate move given today's #selftitledpremiere: a creepy Kissing is a Crime clip that was inspired by such grimy art-house greats as David Lynch and Luis Buñuel. 

"I love working with Kissing is a Crime," says director Assal Ghawami. "I get to try out absurd ideas and we get to laugh a lot on set. For this one, we tried to recreate the eye-cutting scene from Un Chien Andalou, for which we scalpelled a half pound of grapes."

Check out "Noise at Night" in the video player above—featuring the styling/co-starring efforts of Sunflower Bean's Julia Cumming—and the rest of Kissing is a Crime's recent self-titled LP below....