VIDEO: Pulp + James Murphy, “After You (Soulwax Remix)”

Pulp + Soulwax's Record Store Day release

Pulp + Soulwax's Record Store Day release So this remix takes us back in quite a few ways, namely in how it immediately reminds us of the ‘electroclash‘ explosion that got all the cool kids to uncross their arms and actually dance in the early ’00s. Back then, a Pulp standard like “Common People” or “Disco 2000” was liable to fill the floor at any moment, followed by whatever remix Soulwax had cut that week. (Or a tasteful mashup–yes, such things exist–made under their 2 Many DJs guise years before Girl Talk discovered Fruity Loops.)

We’re pretty sure James Murphy has fond memories of the same time period; that’s why the following Record Store Day remix (of a long-delayed Murphy/Pulp production) is a fitting tribute to the endless nights that are faithfully eulogized in “All My Friends”…