VIDEO: Watch Le Tigre Perform “Deceptacon” In Their New Tour Documentary, ‘Who Took the Bomp?’

As much as we’d like to hear a freshly-pressed Le Tigre LP–one that doesn’t involve Christina Aguilera–the trio’s new tour documentary (Who Took the Bomp?, available June 7th through Oscilloscope Laboratories) is a not-so-gentle reminder of just how vital their live show was without resorting to the tired tropes of electro-clash or pure, post-feminist sloganeering.

In some ways, the spirit of Le Tigre’s 2004-2005 trek is alive in the work of JD Samson’s new band MEN, but let’s be honest: There’s nothing quite like seeing a synchronized version of a song like “Deceptacon.” Check it out below, along with screening dates for the Kerthy Fix film…

Who Took the Bomp? screenings:
3/17 Austin, TX – State Theatre
3/19 Austin, TX – Vimeo Theatre
3/23 Brooklyn, NY – St. Francis College (Q&A with Johanna Fateman and Kerthy Fix)
3/27 Melbourne, VIC, Australia – Melbourne Queer Film Festival
4/4 New York, NY – MoMA (Q&A with Johanna Fateman & Kathleen Hanna)
4/12 Cologne, Germany – International Women’s Film Festival
4/16 Orlando, FL – Florida Film Festival
4/27 Boston, MA – Independent Film Festival Boston
5/6 Vancouver, BC – DOXA
5/27 Mexico City, Mexico – Distrital Film Festival (Q&A with Kerthy Fix)
6/28 Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona Gay & Lesbian Film Festival