Watch a Short Documentary About the Art and Music of Andrew Weatherall

“I did an interview yesterday where basically the underlying theme was ‘you could have been a contender; you could have been a superstar DJ,'” Andrew Weatherall said in a recent Thump film that was shot at his Rotters Golf Club studios. “But then it becomes a career, and I didn’t want to end up not liking music.”

One way the DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist has kept his ideas fresh is by redirecting his creative energy towards something he studied in school and people rarely talk about: his artwork, which is usually expressed through sculptures and lino cuts. Watch Weatherall slice and dice his way through a self-portrait down below, right alongside the new Asphodells remix album and a trailer for Unreal City, the Michael Smith book that features some original Weatherall productions on a one-side 10”…

'Unreal City'