Watch Grizzly Bear’s Last ‘Shields’ Show and Listen to a Christopher Bear DJ Mix

“I never know exactly how we’ll come together and make another album,” Grizzly Bear singer Ed Droste recently told the Guardian, “because every single time has been different from the last. There is no formula.”

This means that, yes, the band’s about to take a long break after more than a year of supporting their latest album, Shields. One of the side projects they’ll most likely indulge in the interim is drummer Christopher Bear’s DJ career. Don’t get the wrong idea; it’s not like the guy just discovered he could make extra cash by hitting play on his iPod. As you can hear in the Terrible Records podcast below, Bear clearly has a solid record collection and an ear for keeping things in the mix. That probably shouldn’t be a surprise considering he’s a drummer, but alas.

Check out “RIDEMEHIGH” below, a set that was cut while Grizzly Bear was on the way to playing their last trans-Atlantic shows, one of which is available in full near the top of this very page…