We’ve Got Two Pairs of Superpitcher/Michael Mayer Tickets For Tonight!

Judged solely by their stark and stirring techno sets, Michael Mayer and Superpitcher aren’t exactly the types you’d expect to form a ‘fun-loving duo.’ Yet here they are, going so far as to construct comic book sleeves and sloppily-stitched puppets (see above) for their oft-surprising Supermayer project. To say we’re psyched about the pair’s appearance at the last night of Été D’Amour’s Santos residency would be a severe understatement. After all, we’re a HUGE fan of Superpitcher alone–both his original tracks (the piano stabs, steady beat and sweeping strings of “Happiness” have yanked a couple emo-tastic tears from us before) and his rather deep DJ sets.

Anyway, we’ve managed to wrangle a couple pairs of tickets for self-titled readers who’d like to join us tonight. Find out how you can win them after the jump …

The path to free Superpitcher/Michael Mayer tickets is simple: In the spirit of Supermayer, tell us who your favorite superhero is and why in a couple sentences. The best responses win.

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