Will Oldham Set to Appear in ‘New Jeruaslem’, a Movie That’s Almost As Depressing as His Bonnie “Prince” Billy Records

New Jerusalem is presented in part by Jagjaguwar Records, which makes us wonder if Will Oldham will be ending his Drag City run sometime soon. Here’s the basic breakdown:

A meditation on friendship, human need and frailty, New Jerusalem explores the allure and limitations of modern utopian belief. Sean (Colm O’Leary), an Irish immigrant to America, returning from a non-combat tour of duty in Afghanistan, finds his heart and mind in disarray. He befriends Ike (Will Oldham, AKA Bonnie “Prince” Billy), a strong willed evangelical, who endeavors to ensure his salvation. Inundated by a relentless fragility, Sean is confronted by a choice between the temptation of certainty and the chaos of the world around him.

According to The Playlist, New Jerusalem is being passed around the festival circuit at the moment, and will be properly released before the end of the year. Now gaze at this melancholic movie poster and tell us it doesn’t make you reach for a pound of anti-depressants…