Wing Vilma Collaborates With Keaton Fox on “8008” Video

Sourced from a few key Google search terms 
Wing Vilma | 8008 video
When it came to creating Wing Vilma's "8008" video—the latest single from his Safe By Night LP on Young Heavy Souls—multi-medium artist Keaton Fox had a few Google search terms in mind: "human", "nature" and "internet".  The end product of digging through all that idiosyncratic imagery happens to also dovetail with the Detroit producer's own wide-eyed approach to music. 

Or as Miles Coleman puts it, "What I love about Keaton's work is the child-like sense of wonder conveyed through the observation of, and interaction with, what she films. The song '8008' is very much about wonder. It is an adaptation of a poem I wrote to convey the wonder I feel when I see an airplane in the sky. I have always thought it is so incredible to think that when we see a plane overhead, there are potentially hundreds of people moving through the air at top speeds. I like to imagine them reading their magazines and drinking their champagne. The poem is as follows...."
Captured at dusk
In a glass bar by the piece I held
It was the four others who gave proper confidence
To the mystery at hand
Where did I find this?
A way of invoking nostalgic mystery was the primary asset of the icon.
Stories which curated interest were allowed to hang a leg out the window
Implying a more casual visit
Preserved here are a number of souls beyond witness
Each with temples in their pockets.
"Keaton’s juxtaposition of the saturation and expanse of the world," Coleman continues, "with the solitude of one's own space plays nicely to the balance and breathing of the song. Her demonstration of the natural and the digital reads to me as a state of mind. A dimensional shift in the haze of our own dreams. Thank you Keaton for your work to represent these ideas."

Watch "8008" below, followed by a complete stream of Safe By Night via Bandcamp....