Wolf Eyes Announce New Album, Lineup Changes

Wolf Eyes live @ Secret Project Robot

Since nothing says “I love you” quite like a new Wolf Eyes album, here’s an update regarding their next record and “the new era of the Wolf sound”:

“WOLF EYES is alive and plotting out more audio horror, always. Madman Mike Connelly has retired his slot last fall and the new guitarist is young gun Crazy Jim Baljo, as many of you might have heard stories of his exploits from the early Wolf tours and was one who first coined the term INZANE and plays and lives accordingly. We have a new album almost completed entitled “NO ANSWER” and the US editon will be on American Tapes and released on wax as a set of FOUR 7″ers and a compliled on a CD/LP later on a to-be-determined label.

WOLF EYES will be doing a short european tour in late April to promote the new material and singles and will also do a two night stint in Paris showcasing STARE CASE, REGRESSION, HENRY & HAZEL & SLAUGHTER and another collab with long term family member RICHARD PINHAS (Heldon). The new era of the Wolf sound is tight simplified steady slow burning electronics/guitar/tapes/reeds unheard before in the canon of the band.”

To give you a better idea of what the trio’s latest left turn actually sounds like, here are some recent transmissions from Nate Young’s sample-splicing, synth-slinging Soundcloud page…

Wolf Eyes live @ Secret Project Robot