1MM: Beth Ditto Is “Not a Cunt,” And Other Important Observations At Gossip’s Terminal 5 Show With MEN and Apache Beat

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Photos by Andrew Parks

Now, before you ring our friends at the FCC, we didn’t utter that word. Someone in Terminal 5 did, near the end of Gossip‘s Friday night set, and singer Beth Ditto was not amused. In fact, she called the crowd member out on his loose lips, asking him to apologize before a packed room.

“I’m not a cunt,” said Ditto. “I’m a fat, dyke queer.”

As you might imagine given Ditto’s status as a reigning gay icon, this generated a raucous round of applause. And that guy, well, he was talking about someone in the audience, not Ditto. “I’m just having fun!” the guy said after being given a mic. “I love Beth Ditto!”

Sigh…kids these days.


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